играть в sharky

With the motto, ‘We find the fun in anything’, it’s not hard to see that life’s a riot when you’re in the presence of Charlie Astor and George Whitefield, AKA Sharky & George.

Whether through the children’s party circuit, or from their programme of activities installed at The Club last summer, you’ve probably heard of them by now.

If not, then it’s only a matter of time before you do.

Busy planning or hosting parties, these guys are hard to pin down. Everyone goes underwater and the ‘singer’ tries to sing their song. Giant Cluedo At the start of your holiday, each person takes 3 small bits of paper and writes ‘a thing’ on one, ‘a place’ on the second and ‘their own name’ on the third.

However, we managed catch up with them to get their thoughts on family fun, Peligoni and world domination… So many to choose from, a few favourites include: Boys vs Girls Sand Sculpture Competition, Think mermaids, turtles, castles and speed boats. Everyone puts each of their bits of paper, folded up, into one of three bowls.

Then each person chooses a bit of paper from each bowl.

So you will end up with a person’s name, a place and a thing, for example: Daddy, a toothbrush and the swimming pool.

You then need to ‘murder’ your person sometime during the week, by handing them the thing in the place that you picked.

The winner is the player who avoids being ‘murdered’.

A secret agent quest to recover the stolen crown jewels.

Two helicopters, three speed boats up the Thames, lots of baddies, spy equipment that would rival Q’s best efforts and a motorbike and car chase ending in a showdown and heroic victory of good over bad!

Sharky (Charlie Astor) hosted an EPIC party called The Big Bush Bash.